Why buy a refurbished phone?

Posted by KBranco on Feb 12th 2019

A lot of people ask what the advantage of buying a refurbished phone is over buying a new phone. In our experience, the advantages of buying a refurbished device far outweigh the advantages of a new device.Refurbished devices have less cost up front, contribute less waste to landfills, and in many cases look and function no different than a brand new device. Most carriers will gladly activate customer owned equipment on their network, saving you additional costs per month by not having to finance those pricey new devices with monthly payments.

That's where WirelessMall.com comes in. We have hundreds of refurbished iphones and refurbished android devices in stock and ready to ship. Each device is put through extensive diagnostics and verified to be fully functional and ready to activate with most major networks before shipping.

So check out WirelessMall.com today, and save some money and help the environment by buying a refurbished smartphone!

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